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Bath 2001

Iceland 2022

‘A passion for the sea and a life of seafood’

Mitch Tonks is a restaurateur, food writer, CEO and ambassador for the MSC. Passionate about changing the way people experience seafood in the UK he has a true passion for the sea.


Mitch’s love of seafood led him to open his first restaurant above his fishmongers shop in Bath. He is now the CEO of the Rockfish group of seafood restaurants in Devon and Dorset and oversees The Seahorse restaurant in Dartmouth.

Online Seafood Market

In 2022 Mitch’s mission to change the way people experience seafood led to the opening of the Rockfish online seafood market. Fresh fish is landed at Brixham market, prepared at the quayside, and sent direct to people’s homes within hours. No waste, no mess, just fabulous fresh seafood.


An acclaimed foodwriter as well as a restaurateur Mitch’s cookbooks are packed full of delicious fish recipes and seafood knowledge, designed to help people confidently cook fresh fish at home.

Tinned Seafood

Using British landed fish, preserved by hand by artisan producers in Spain, Rockfish tinned seafood launched in 2021 to great acclaim. Mitch’s focus on preserving the precious catch means this wonderful fish can be enjoyed all year round.

MSC Ambassador

Mitch is proud to be an ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a global non-profit group. The aim is to spread awareness of the value of sustainable fishing methods and promote the use of sustainable seafood both in the restaurants, and at home.

Enjoy fresh seafood delivered to your home direct from Brixham quayside.

Enjoy fresh seafood delivered to your home direct from Brixham quayside.

With the Rockfish Online Seafood Market you can get fresh portions of restaurant quality seafood delivered direct to your door from the Brixham quayside. No waste, no mess, just sustainable seafood from Brixham.

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Try it yourself today. Enjoy 25% off your first order of £40 or more using the code MITCH25 at checkout.

About me

Find out more about Mitch and his journey into seafood by following this link.

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