We’re conscious about the future of our environment and the oceans


Mitch Tonks is a proud ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and serves MSC certified seafood which means it can be traced back to a sustainable source.

Everyone in Mitch’s restaurants can tell you where the seafood on your plate was caught, sometimes even what fishing vessel it
came from and why it tastes so good.

By choosing the blue fish label when dining out or shopping for seafood, you are supporting fishermen and women who are passionate about catching the fish we love sustainably.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of sustainable fishing, you can visit the official MSC website

Set up in 2020 and co-founded by Mitch, The Devon Environment Foundation’s ambition is to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030.

Renowned for its natural beauty, Devon is one of the largest counties in Britain and one of the least densely populated. It’s therefore the perfect place to scale Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to redress nature’s balance and repair the damage we’ve caused.

Devon’s diverse natural habitats include: woodlands, wetlands, moorlands, meadows, hedgerows, rivers, estuaries, and many more beneath its coastal waters. In recent decades, Devon’s natural assets have significantly diminished. To restore nature’s balance we need urgent, transformative action.

There are already lots of brilliant environmental initiatives happening in Devon – including rewilding, regenerative agriculture, reintroduction of keystone species, and marine permaculture.However, many of these initiatives are fledgling projects that need financial support to fully maximise their potential for positive impact.

Spearheaded by Mitch this is a campaign to spread the word about the amazing seafood to be found on the South West coast, what we call England’s Seafood Coast, find out more…

Mitch received an honorary business degree from Plymouth University and is a patron for their hospitality and catering department. It is great to have such positive partnerships in the city and foster new talent.

Lecturer in Hospitality Management and Hotel School Co-Director Mandy Aggett said: “Mitch is a highly valued patron. Students learn a great deal from the time they spend with him – their experience is greatly enhanced by his input. These partnerships are incredibly important as they offer numerous opportunities to support students’ learning, and provide a real-life insight into hospitality operations, as well as the opportunity to engage with industry professionals.

“We are very grateful for all the support that Mitch provides and look forward to further developing our relationship with him and the Rockfish brand.”

Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management Catherine Hine added: “Mitch has provided opportunities and insight into his business for a number of years. Our students really benefit as it helps them to contextualise what they are learning back in the classroom, and see it in a real-life business situation.”


I have joined forces with South Devon College to launch a new Seafood Academy at the College, which we opened officially in October 2012. The college is passionate about raising the standards of fish cookery amongst both the next generation of fish chefs, and existing staff working in the food and drink sector in South Devon and I really want to make this academy the beacon for students interested in pursuing a career in seafood and cooking.

We share a passion for excellence with Mitch and are delighted to announce this new and dynamic partnership. Mitch is brimming with ideas about how to inspire the next generation and we really welcome his support. There are many exciting jobs available in hospitality and tourism, both locally and further afield; we believe Mitch will encourage more young people to consider a career as a professional chef.

College Principal, Stephen Criddle said.
As part of the Academy, one of the training kitchens at the College is designated ‘The Mitch Tonks Seafood Academy’, where I will be running master-classes for existing college students as well as for chefs already
working in the sector locally. I’ll be working with the College’s Chef Lecturer teaching team to enhance the curriculum for full time students and apprentices, providing a special focus on world class fish dishes and host a speciality fish supper at the College’s fine dining restaurant, Horizons, a supper that will be prepared and cooked by myself and college students.

This is a hugely exciting project and one that I hope will really raise the profile of the talent that is in South Devon as well as the amazing availability of the best seafood in the world.

Will Beckett and Huw Gott founded the Hawksmoor restaurants when I was building fishworks in London, we became friends during those years and since then Hawksmoor has been a huge success and their restaurants are undoubtedly the finest steak restaurants in the UK, they have achieved this by knowing all there is to know about steak.

When it came to fish they realised they knew all about Steak but not so much about fish, we both share the same thinking about restaurants and the detail and so we decided to work together on the Air St project where I created the menus and trained the kitchen teams with them and also organised the freshest fish supply into London via my own suppliers Brixham Seafish. It is a natural partnership that has flourished over the years and we enjoy being part of what each other does.