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"It’s good to have a fish directory in your pocket and at your fingertips. Great videos and tips from the man in the know” Mark Hix

“This fish app leaves no limpet unturned. The more you explore it the more there is to winkle out. Really friendly, very informative and of course totally delicious “ - Valentine Warner

"There is not much that Mitch Tonks doesn’t know about fish and this app is just a fabulous place to get a whole lot of information in one place, its got to be the app for seafood lovers" - Matt Dawson

"This is the app for anyone with even the slightest interest in fish. It tells you what's good to eat, when, clean and concisely presented. Oh, and the videos make cooking your spankingly fresh catch an easy joy too." - Tom Parker Bowles

"It's full of useful information on all things fishy... seems pretty good value to us at £2.99" Sainsburys Magazine, Feb 2011

After many months hard work we are here with my very first i-phone app. This app is packed full of useful information about fish, when they're good to eat and how to eat them.  We have brand new videos (see below) shot especially for the app showing various cooking techniques, tips and tricks. We also have new exclusive recipes for you to try which are displayed in a simple step by step layout.

This is the first serious i-phone app about fish and seafood, see what you think!

  • Brand new video content: Mitch shows you various fish skills to help you master fish
  • Stunning photography: Recipe photography and interacitive step by step guides
  • Over 40 species with health, yield and sustainability information
  • Fantastic fish recipes created by Mitch Tonks
  • "This month' allows you to browse through fish good to eat in the desired month, ensuring you're eating the best fish when they're at their best

Mitch Tonks i phone app

Not sure yet?  Why not try out the Eat Fish lite version which is FREE and get a little taster of what there is.  Just click through here

Customer reviews & Comments

An iPhone app to tell you all about fish? What’s the point in that? Well, it turns out there is quite a lot of point to it - Foodies South West blog

Tonksy that new EAT FISH app of yours is bloody fantastic! what a cracker - everyone should get it - John Susman - fishmonger, Fisheads, Australia

Just downloaded @MitchTonks - bloody brilliant fish app for iphone, top marks - Charlie Woodall, Exeter

Just downloaded awesome 'Eat Fish' app from @MitchTonks - Jon Finch, Bristol

Congrats on app! works really well, plenty of information, especially like the tips on what's seasonal - will be trying Ling! - Richard Wilkinson, UK

Loving the new iPhone app, especially the 'this month' and how to videos. MUCH better than the other cooking apps out there - Good Taste, Food, Drink, London

Got the new Mitch Tonks iPhone app - fantastic app, great tutorials.- Chris Giddings, London

If you are going to buy any App this year buy Mitch Tonks app. Best £2.99 you will ever spend. I think it's great!! - Nathan Outlaw, Seafood restaurateur